Working Without Pain : By Sherry Berjeron-Oliver and Bruce Oliver

By Sherry Berjeron-Oliver and Bruce Oliver

Over 65 Million Americans are at risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) such as Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis, Back Pain and other stress related musculoskeletal conditions. Yet experts can’t seem to completely understand the cause and halt the growing rate of these diseases.

Alexander Technique Teachers have an advanced knowledge in understanding the most basic cause of RSI. WORKING WITHOUT PAIN helps put this knowledge with practical principles into perspective for daily work application. Use this book to begin learning what is being done by other experts and realize the shortcomings that can be addressed with the unique expertise of an Alexander Technique Teacher.

When people think of Repetitive Strain Injury, they often think of carpal tunnel syndrome and computers. There is a much broader number of different types of occupations that have just as much RSI problems and need help.

WORKING WITHOUT PAIN includes many true stories of people from many different occupations who have used the Alexander Technique to recover from and prevent RSI. The stories illustrate the principles of Alexander Technique through the peoples guided discoveries and then how they apply their new knowledge at work.

This book is not another general Alexander Technique book, but specifically about applying the Alexander Technique to overcome the crisis of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Some topics in Working Without Pain, Eliminate Repetitive Strain Injuries with the Alexander Technique are:
Your Risk and Your Advantage
Hidden Causes of RSI
Earliest Detection
Ergonomics is not enough
Tools for Change
Working at the Desk and Keyboard


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