The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

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– What is the AT – and who can Benefit from It?
– How can I find a Teacher or Course?
– What happens during a Lesson or Group Class?
– AT Self-Study
– Who was F. M. Alexander?
– Musicians and the AT
– Medical and Scientific Research and Endorsements
– AT Applications and Personal Accounts
– Videos, DVDs, Books, MP3s, RealAudio, and a Journal
– AT Bookstore (USA and Canada) in Association with AMAZON
– AT Bookshop (UK) in Association with AMAZON
– Foreign Language Resources
– Interactive AT Resources
– Resources for AT Teachers and Students
– Links

This site is a service of Alexander Technique Nebraska and Toronto, and Life Bridge Coaching

Robert Rickover is a teacher of the Alexander Technique in Lincoln, Nebraska. He also teaches regularly in Toronto, Canada. Robert is on the faculty of the annual Nebraska Wesleyan University High School Solo Singer Workshop. He is the Director of Alexander Technique Workshops – Bring a Workshop to Your Area and Movement Coaching by Phone and is the author of Fitness Without Stress – A Guide to the Alexander Technique. Click here to arrange a lesson or workshop with Robert


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