The Act of Living by Walter Carrington

The Act of Living by Walter Carrington

The Act of Living: Talks on The Alexander Technique

by Walter Carrington
Foreword by Tris Roberts
Introduction by Glynn MacDonald
Edited by Jerry Sontag

About the Book

For almost 50 years, Walter Carrington has walked into the teaching room at 18 Lansdowne Road in London, sat down in a chair, picked up one of F.M. Alexander’s books and begun to read aloud. The point at which he stops reading and begins sharing his thoughts, observations and experiences of the Alexander Technique with the assembled audience is the point at which this book begins.

The 29 talks in The Act of Living range widely in subject, from breathing and the balance of the head on the neck to the pain of sciatica and the effect of gravity on our lives. Whether he is speaking about the bones of the pelvis, or the man who wants to change without changing, Walter Carrington gives the reader an inside look at this educational technique for changing habitual behavior.

The Act of Living serves as a gentle reminder for teachers of some of the thoughts worth considering in a lesson; it helps students quicken their understanding of the fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique. The book is invaluable for anyone interested in directing his or her energies towards a freer, more spontaneous exploration of the world in which we live. It will change how you see, think and feel about yourself.

Mornum Press 

Hardcover, 186 pages, ISBN 0-9644352-3-3


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